Just Madren

Just Madren
Just Madren

A warm-up sketch that I decided to color. ;O
(Of course, whenever I feel like drawing something non-Chibi, it’s always Madren)

It has been a very long time since I’ve drawn anything non-Chibi. O_O I do miss my normal style, although I still have a love hate relationship with it. :'(

This is something simple, but I’m really happy with it because I actually drew this digitally. I always sketch my artworks via the traditional way (pencil and paper), then I’ll either scan it or take a photo of it, and trace it digitally to be a clean lineart. But this, I drew and colored everything digitally, which makes me a happy, silly person. ^_^

That, and I just miss drawing my darling Madren. ♥



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