Heading West?

I injured my back last Monday. On Thursday, I got flu. On Friday, I got high fever. A few moments ago, I got diarrhoea. (.__. )

Needless to say, all productive plans got put on hold. ;_; Or so I thought?

I had to force myself out of bed this morning to pack my room (Because my dad is planning to do some renovations upstairs and there was this guy coming over to take measurements of the flooring. My dad insists my room and the family hall looked presentable). I had to rush because I did not have much time, and I ended up camouflaging (read: dumping stuff into boxes so they’re hidden) most of my things. But at least on the outside, my room looks clean. I do miss having a clean room. ;_; I have not been having a really tidy room since I was stressing over CIMP. When I want to clean it, I dread it and put it off. So yay for having a tidy room, even if it isn’t exactly tidy in the drawers. :’)

Since I felt somewhat accomplished (into fooling my dad into believing my room is really tidy), I thought I’d start on my art commissions. I couldn’t do it. :/ I did not want to force myself to do it and making it turn out ugly, so I tried sketching digitally to get the feel of it. I end up drawing one of my old characters and coloring it too. =_=; *fail*

West Side: Seibu
Heading West?
West Side: Seibu

During my TOA years (that’s a couple of years ago), Jesc, Sylvia, Kelsie and I created a personal group called the ‘Rashingi’. Our position within the group represents different sides of a compass; each of us chose a particular direction to represent. In addition to that, we each created a character to accommodate it. I represent the West side, and my created character is Seibu.

Ohh, and here’s a 2007 version of the guy:
Seibu - Version 2007
I’d like to imagine I improved since then. :x

…I should really work on my commissions. D:



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