I’m Joey Lew, though some may know me better as my online persona, Aki.
I’m from sunny (and rainy) Malaysia; been there all my life :D

I am your everyday art adventurer! ♥
I enjoy exploring new things in terms of arts and crafts; I take each experience as a form of adventure!

I love drawing and crafting. One of my favourite past times is to come up with ideas for new craft/art items.

I am awkwardly shy around people but I do try my best to talk to people because I genuinely love making new friends. So please don’t feel like I’m ignoring you if you ever get a chance to talk to me, I’m just really bad with words!

I have a very unhealthy love for owls, but I also love any kind of animal that is fluffy (dogs, cats, alpacas, sheep, etc.). One day, I would like to adopt a cat. :)

I have the tendency to spend money unnecessarily, especially on annoyingly adorable things. I love rainbows and pastel colours, though my favourite colour is purple. :D

I also enjoy collecting dolls. I am essentially a collector of a type of doll called Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls (commonly known as BJDs), but I also collect other types, like Groove dolls.

I usually go by these online usernames (but not limited to): blackeyebags and palettescope.

Ohh. Did I mention that I absolutely adore owls? ;)

Little Girl Scribbles
Little Girl Scribbles (or ‘LGS’ for short) is a feature of all my artistic adventures, be it artworks (digitally and traditionally), photography, design, cooking and baking and crafting ♥

I’ve created LGS to keep track of my creative progress and things I have experimented with. This is also where I do little features of artistic people that I admire occasionally. ;)

Behind the Name
‘Little Girl Scribbles’ means the scribbling of a little girl, literally.
It was inspired by my beloved niece, Ashley–who I absolutely adore, by the way–while watching her happily drawing one day.

When a child draws with no restrictions and/or artistic ‘rules’, she is able to create a whole new world of her own. While she may not be able to impress everyone, she is able to express herself fully through her ‘scribbles’.

I want to give the same sort of love and passion to all works that I create.
I don’t want to be restricted by the conventional rules of how things should be, but just create whatever I love and feel like.

And this is how the name ‘Little Girl Scribbles’ came about. :)



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