Wow, hello everyone! How long has it been since my last update?

August 2012! *stares in horror*
I really need to make a habit of updating LGS more often >_<

I'm so sorry to everyone who commented on my entries and did not receive a reply.
I'll try to be more responsive from now on ;_; (that's what I always say each time, but really, I will!)

Just a little update:

Uni life is hectic as always, though this semester is exceptionally crazy! I'm taking 4 subjects that are all very dense at the same time (I half regret and don't regret this. At least when I'm done with this semester, I wouldn't have to worry about these subjects anymore!).

I visited Tokyo, Japan on December 27th 2012 to January 6th 2013.
It was an amazing experience; I'm already dying to get back to Japan again! The UFO catchers are extremely addictive, haha. I bought (and won) tons of things, mostly plushies and cute things as usual.

I was supposed to take a break from conventions and events this year, but I find myself (and my team) going for them anyway! XD I will be updating on some artworks and craft works I've done recently (and not-so-recently ;_; ) soon.

So for now, I hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy! ^_^)9



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