Plush Fondue – Captain America and Iron Man

The Captain America & Iron Man plushie that I made during my uni break :D

They were actually experiments of mine.
I made many mistakes and it’s actually very messy, but I’m still proud of them nonetheless ;w;

Here are more photos of them, including the WIPs.

Trying to figure out how to make Cap :3

Made the shield, and making his head

Making his body

Almost done! Making his legs :D

Cap all done! ♥

After Cap, it was obviously time to make Iron Man! ♥

Sketching out how Iron Man will roughly look like :D

I didn’t take a lot of WIP photos of Iron Man because I was having trouble figuring out how to make some of his parts ;_;

After a really long time, Iron Man is finished!

They now sit (err, stand o_o) with my big Captain America plushie that the Beloved gave to me >u< ♥
(Sorry for the horrible quality. Took it with my phone at night)

I wanna make a Steve & Tony one but I don’t have time ;_;
Maybe during my summer break ;w;



3 Comments on “Plush Fondue – Captain America and Iron Man”

  1. Beii says:

    what you mean it’s messy???? mi goodness, i’m absolutely in love with all your avengers work! damn cuteeee

    • Aki says:

      Wahhh thank you, thank you! ;_;
      It is lerr, if you look at them in person, they’re really messy

      But thank youuu <3 I love Avengers so much, I can't stop making stuff of them ;w;

  2. Rach says:

    I fell hard for them. They are beyond adorable. What technique did you use for ironman’s head? I tried to use blanket stitch. But didn’t turn out right. :(

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