Pom Pom Animals

For my birthday this year, the Beloved gave me a Japanese craft book on how to make pom pom animals. I had no idea how to make them but I was very eager to try. I lacked some of the materials that were shown in the book, but I tried my best to work around it. After tons of trial and error (mostly errors), I managed to make some decent ones. ♥

All photos were taken via iPhone and edited via Instagram.
I should really take proper photos of any pom poms that I’ll be making in the future.

Here is my first official decent one, a pink bear :D

Still one of my favourites, a blue seal! I’m keeping this for my good friend, Rye because she wants to buy it. :)

A simple black penguin. This was when I had no idea how to mix colours in one pom pom. My best friend, Jesc requested a penguin so I decided to give it a go. I’m happy with how it turned out :D

When my niece, Ashley saw my pom pom animals, she wanted one as well. She asked for a purple and pink bunny so a purple and pink bunny she gets! ♥

A random pink bird because I really enjoy making ’em birds! This little guy had added accessories later on but I didn’t manage to get a picture before it went to a new home.

Pochi! :D ♥ Made for the Beloved. There are strings at the bottom so that it’s attachable.

That’s all for now, will take more photos and make more pom poms :)



3 Comments on “Pom Pom Animals”

  1. ruruvictoria says:

    These are SO cute! I want to learn how to make it! ^____^

  2. TARDIS ninja says:

    Cool! Those are way better than when I tried making some! I tried making them but they always come out weird…they’re not “fluffy” and the yarn sticks out instead of being close together >.< How do I fix that?

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