Happy New Year – 2012

First entry of 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone! ♥
I spent my New Year’s at James’ place with Whippy, Yuki and James’ cousin, Yugz. Ry and Amer, as well as Ky and Reno visited us as well (Whippy, Yuki and I stayed over :D). We played Sengoku Basara 3: Utage and cooked an amazing home-cooked dinner to celebrate New Year. :D I had such a great time, I didn’t want it to end. ;w;

The home-cooked New Year dinner we had. :9
James & Yugz made the delicious mashed potato (I was craving for more ;_; )
Yuki cooked the mix vegetable dish and the salad (she even made an amazing dressing for the salad! *_*)
Whippy made the mushroom tapas (DE-LI-CIOUS!) as well as the garlic bread
And I made the tamago (Japanese-style eggs) and marinated beef

Om nom nom! We did our New Year countdown at the dinner table too. XD

My very own customized version of onigiri (Japanese-style riceballs). ;D
Made these for late night snacks while playing Utage.

Here’s to a great year! I really do feel 2012 will be an amazing year :D
I hope I keep to my resolutions this year.

New Year Resolution
• Improve my art skills.
• Venture into various art projects: Drawing a doujin, work on CF merchandise early, OC-design and development, etc.
• Survive university, and excel in my chosen subjects.
• Save and earn money for my year end trip, as well as CF2012.
• Explore drawing older men. (So I can draw old man Shimazu, Oyakata-sama and Muneshige! ♥)
• Generally be a happier person, and a better friend/girlfriend. ;w;
• Do more creative things with my dollies.
• Learn to cope with stress.
• Maintain a decent workplace and room.
• Lose weight. (20kgs! I can do this! >:O)
• Go back to gym regularly.
• Be active here. ;w;



2 Comments on “Happy New Year – 2012”

  1. whippy says:

    I miss the cooking session already ;___;

    I wanna make it a MUST to go gym before my Japanese class every Saturday ;w;

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