Feature: Whippy

When I first started LGS (this blog), I intended to make little feature entries of things that I like. I never got around to it, until now. ;w; Here’s my very first feature! What better way to start it off than to feature an artwork of Maddie and Sero by my favourite artist? ♥


Happy 4th Anniversary, Sero & Maddie! by Whippy

More artworks:

I really love the way she does her lineart ;w; It’s sketchy but each stroke makes the overall artwork beautiful (I’m someone who prefers artworks that have messy lines instead of neat, ‘no-error’ lineart). Not only that, she always draws such delicious-looking men! *_* She is (and will always be) my main inspiration for drawing manly men; she portrays the perfect amount of manliness in her drawings. She has great colour sense as well.



5 Comments on “Feature: Whippy”

  1. whippy says:

    wah why you puji so lebih-lebih wan ;__;
    I dont deserve this DDX!!! *runs*

    lets inspire each other to draw more PWP =w=V

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