Drink Up, Babycakes

You see? There is a sweet side to Kinn.
He’s a lot more than just a perverted sex maniac.
…………………….I think? 8D

Random sketch that I end up liking and colouring. >w<
I don't usually draw Kinsley (sobs ;_; I'm sorry, baby) so I thought I'd post it up.

10 (un)fun facts of the guy:
• His full name is Gideon Kinsley Carnahan, but he prefers to go by Kinsley (Kinn, for short).
• His ancestors are of noble blood, but his family’s reputation is more on the business side nowadays.
• He is the oldest of 3 children; he has 2 younger sisters.
• People who first meet him pass him off as loud, obnoxious and unreliable.
• His favourite colours are brown & green.
• Deems Zoro (Whippy‘s character) as the lust love of his life.
• Has the most obnoxious range of ‘pet names’ for Zoro (trust me, ‘Babycakes’ is nothing when it comes to Kinn!)
• He has…. particular interests *coughhelikesbondageandSMplaycough*
• He seems to be nothing but a hedonistic person.
• Madren is his childhood friend; they have been best friends since they were kids.



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