Art Dump

Ohh my! It’s already November D: (I can’t believe my last post was way back in August)

I have been busy with my 1st semester of university. University is such a drag. :/ Currently having my summer holidays, so I’m taking the chance to draw! (And rush insanely for Comic Fiesta happening this December ;_; )

I’ve been drawing for all the time I’ve been missing.

This post is very image heavy!

Zoro: Wait, Kinn! Don’t pull my scarf!
Kinsley: Don’t be selfish, Zoro. You wouldn’t want me to freeze to death now, would you?
: But but! ;A;
Pochi: Whateverzzz…

Artwork of Whippy’s Zoro, and my Kinsley ;D Did this a few months back. Just never got around to posting it here. ;w;

This character is supposed to be named Trevor, but I think I’m changing his profile again. ;_; (Poor boy, having his profile changed a billion times already)

Preview of the A5 print I did of Panty & Stocking – Police Version. ♥
Did this for AniManGaki 2011, but I barely sold any. ;_; Will be selling this during Comic Fiesta 2011 as well.

The large bookmarks I did of Sengoku BASARA characters.
Also will be for sale during Comic Fiesta 2011. (I’ll be adding 3 more characters – Ieyasu, Mitsunari & Keiji)

The commission piece I owe Ludmila for a long time. ;_; This is of her Milky. ^_^

The other commission piece I owe her. This time it’s of her friend’s Miel. :)

I entered a dA contest as a prize donator. The 1st prize winner gets a coloured Chibi art from me. :)

The 2nd prize winner of the same contest gets a monochrome-coloured Chibi art from me. :D

Aaah! Really a massive art dump. ^_^;
I’ll be working hard for CF2011! (2 more weeks to go before printing deadline! Ohh no ;_; )



2 Comments on “Art Dump”

    I love it, Aki!!!
    Milky is so cute, but Miel are amazing!!!!


    • Aki says:

      I’m so glad you like it, dear! I’m so sorry I took so long :(
      I have sent a message to you via Flickr with the link to download the large files. I hope you’ve received it?

      You’re most welcome! Thank you for your constant support. ;_; ♥

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