CIMP 40th Graduation

On Friday, 3rd of June, 2011…
I graduated from my Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP).
It was an experience of mixed feelings. I was happy, sad, and confused all at once. I’m so happy I graduated, but at the same time I miss my friends, and my lovely, dear teachers. They’ve been so inspiring, and I learned so much during the course. It is hard to leave it all. :'(

Just a recap of the day so that I can relive the moment.

I woke up around 6:30am, and got ready in a rather confused manner. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was really disoriented that morning. Thankfully, I didn’t forget anything, and I seemed to have dressed myself properly so all was good. XD The Beloved came around 7:45am and we left my place roughly around that time. Thank goodness the traffic was okay, so we reached there relatively early. I saw Salokya there, said hello to her (along with her mom and Aulia) and went to the receptionist (who is Ms.Sumathy! :P) to collect this yellow paper. She found my name, gave me the paper to write my details and off I went.

When I looked at the paper (apparently I had to give it to the announcer later to call my name on stage), I was shocked to see a tick on the ‘90% with distinction’ option. And that I had 2 study awards, one for Business Leadership (this, I was wishing for!) and World Issues! (this one, I totally didn’t expect!). I wasn’t sure if this was real, or that they just ticked the wrong things, but when it finally sank into my head that it is true I was extremely thrilled. I hugged the Beloved, and squealed with delight. I couldn’t believe it! I honestly thought I did badly during my exams, so this was totally unexpected. I don’t feel like I’ve worked hard enough (I slack a lot, actually!) but getting these grades made me feel so grateful, and blissful. I held my breath though, and didn’t dare to be really happy because I thought I was just dreaming it up. I think the time I truly allowed myself to be happy was when someone came up to me and said, “I saw your name appear a few times in the booklet.”

I went to collect my gown and my bouquet shortly after, and decided to take some photos with the Beloved. Thank goodness I did, because it was the only time I managed to take proper ones. After the ceremony I was dead tired and only took more photos for the sake of having photos of my teachers. I did not hunt for them either; I only have photos of Ms. Nancy and Mr. Patrick (along with Ms.Tara) because I was tired and also because the Beloved was sick. :'( Poor dear. Didn’t get photos of Ms. Janie, Mr. Tan and Mr. Chen. Didn’t get photos with my classmates as well as Wei-Han, which I totally regretted. :( But I was so tired and dehydrated, I couldn’t drag myself any longer. T_T

When the ceremony was about to start, we went to the ‘Ladybug Room’ for briefing. We did a very short practice with our principal, Mr.Melnyk, and we were sorted out in lines to our respective teachers. I missed my name though, thankfully Ms. Nancy came in and asked for me. XD; I was standing next to Jazmin so I spent the whole time chatting with her. We stood around for what seemed like forever, and I was already starting to feel dehydrated. We were escorted into the hall, towards our seats. We sat through long, dreadful speeches (which wouldn’t be so bad if I had something to drink) and there were 2 awards given out to outstanding students. Finally, we were arranged to go up to the stage to receive our scrolls. I was the 3rd one to be called up. We sat back down, and wohoo’d each time a friend was receiving the scroll. XD

After the ceremony ended, I went to find the Beloved and Sylvia was there. :D I was disoriented and didn’t really know what I was doing. I just remembered I was rushing here and there. Sylvia gave me another bouquet of flowers that was from her, Jesc, Kelsie and Yuki. It was an amazing feeling, considering that I had no flowers at all when I graduated from TOA. I was just happy that I had both the Beloved and Sylvia with me that day. :D We had a group photoshoot that lasted longer than it should, and once it was done I tried to eat something. I couldn’t finish my food because there was no water to drink, only tea and coffee. ;_; The whole place was packed as well, so it got me dizzy and made me even more tired.

We walked around just to find some of my teachers to take photos of. As stated, I didn’t really hunt around because I was so exhausted. I didn’t really want to drag the poor sick darling around too much as well. :( I went to take my results, and was so happy to see all my certificates. ^_____^ I actually got 97% for my Business Leadership! Wow! I can’t believe I could actually score that high on something that is not art-based. Just as we were about to leave, I tried to look for people from Monash to register. The Beloved saw them, so I went there to apply. Wrote my details and gave them my results to photocopy. Have to bring my SPM certificate to them on Monday for them to photocopy as well. I asked about scholarship thanks to the suggestion of the Beloved, and was told I did not have to apply for it. Apparently, they will give scholarships according to our results. So hopefully I get it to reduce the financial burden for my dad. >_< Really, really hope I get it. I've already received a confirmation email that they have received my application. Just waiting for them to confirm me a spot and hopefully my scholarship as well.

Anyways, enough of the blabbering. Here are some photos. :)

A very happy me after collecting my gown and bouquet of flowers.

Camwhore photo! Hehehe.

Loooove this photo that the Beloved took of me and Salokya. :D

Formal-like pose, bwehe.

I adore this photo that the Beloved took as well. :D Me acting cute before the ceremony.

Poor bear being strangled by the wire. :'( I have saved him! As well as the other bear from the bouquet that Sylvia, Jesc, Kelsie and Yuki have given me.

Photo of Ms. Nancy, my World Issues lecturer and myself.
This was taken after the ceremony. I nearly cried when I hugged her and she spoke softly to me. I struggled a lot in this class, and forced myself to work harder for it. I’m so thankful it paid off. I was actually thinking I’d just pass this subject, so finding out I was the top scorer for it made me so happy.

Dear Sylvia and I. :D Was so happy she could make it. ♥

Poor baby is such a sweetheart that day. T_T So sick but still have to follow me around and be my photographer.

Mr. Patrick, along with Ms. Tara! Mr. Patrick was my Communications Technology lecturer. He is also leaving for Canada after this. T_T I’m really going to miss him.

Overall, it was an amazing experience.
It was really unlike my graduation in TOA. I only went at that time because I had to. This, I went with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment. Not just because of my grades, but because I have experienced so much, and met so many interesting and good people. It was an amazing feeling, and I felt belonged. I have my achievements, I have my friends new and old, I have my beloved teachers, I have the one I want to spend my entire life with. I am really so thankful, and truly at bliss. While I have gone through tons of hardship (who hasn’t!) in my life, I am proud of myself for reaching this point. I really am lucky to be who I am today. :)

Next step, Monash university! I hope I will do just as well, or perhaps even better than CIMP!
Uni is a whole new turf, and it isn’t going to be easy. But I will try my best.



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