Mufcakes Ahoy!

I felt bad that my Adagio gang couldn’t have some of the muffins I made before so I decided to make a new batch on Friday.

Ta-da~! ♥

This is somewhat my own invention. I ran out of some ingredients and I tried substituting them with things I wasn’t even sure if they’d work. I even tried to make that marble-cake effect. I think they turned out okay? The texture felt a bit cupcake-ish, so I called them ‘mufcakes’. XD

I thought I didn’t bake these ones as nicely, but my mom stole one and said she prefer these to the previous ones. :o

Brought these to our gathering on Saturday. The Adagios (as well as Chris and Jin) seemed to love them, so that made me happy. :D We had a short doll meetup first at Gardens in the Curve, before going to Vivo for lunch. Then we headed to Tropicana City Mall for our Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The movie was boring. I love the setting as well as the music, but the only thing I really bothered about in the movie was Barbossa (love!) and the mermaid. The storyline was cliché and boring. :/ I nearly fell asleep, even. But it was enjoyable nonetheless, because I get to be all cuddly with a certain special someone. ♥

After the movie, we headed out to Sunway Giza for a buffet dinner at Tao Cuisine. I did not eat as much as I thought I would. :'( I was really upset with myself, but I did eat a crap-load of salmon sashimi! After getting stuffed, we went back to the Curve, for our late night karaoke at Red Box! We sang all emo songs. D’: Had a tummy ache when I got home. And I was exhausted that I fell asleep as soon as I met the bed.

It was a funnnnn day out, I wish I could be carefree like that everyday!



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