Autumn-themed Wallet

After a long time, I actually went out with my mom on Sunday. Sunday is usually the day I spend with my mom, but it has been ages since I’ve done so.

We went to MidValley, so I took the chance to head over to the Borders bookstore. I tried looking for the Viewfinder books that Rye told me about, but couldn’t find it. Decided to head to the counter to ask about it, and found out she was a huge Yaoi fan as well! XD It was nice chatting with her as she tried to ask another branch about the books. She gave me some links, and even her contact number. I was really happy I asked the right person! XD In the end, the books were reserved by someone else, so I had to special order it. They told me they’d come in approximately 6 weeks time, so I guess that’s when I have to go there again. XD Mom ordered the book she has been looking for as well, so I’ll collect her book as well. But eeeeee Viewfinder! I know I’ve read them online but to actually have the hard copy of it will possibly make me the happiest camper ever!

After Borders, we went to the art shop and I bought some art supplies (as well as putty eraser for my dollies). We went to Hokkaido Ichida for lunch. The food was alright, but really pricey. The dessert, was heavenly. Pricey as well, but the Hokkaido ice cream is ohh-so-delicious. Definitely would go there again just for the desserts! After lunch, we went to MetroJaya for my mom to redeem her vouchers. She managed to get RM170 worth of vouchers so she decided to purchase her perfume with it since they were expiring by the end of June (she collected them extremely late). Somehow, we walked around and saw this Singaporean brand called Apsara, with handbags and wallets. Mom wanted to buy a smaller wallet and she liked the one we saw at Apsara. I loved it as well, because although it was plain and black, inside was colorful and had tons of compartments for cards. She decided to buy it, and she asked if I wanted one as well. I told her I want one but not the same as hers. I decided to go for one that was slightly bigger in size, and it was red. Mom said okay, and we bought them as well as her Estée Lauder perfume. Her perfume came in a set, and there was a little bottle of foundation as well. Since she doesn’t use it, she gave it to me. :D Yay!

Here is my pretty new wallet! ♥
I absolutely adore it. It’s pretty and red, plain but colorful. It is pure leather, and it’s handmade. I’m really happy with it, this is possibly the most expensive wallet I’ve ever had in my entire life so far. This is also the perfect size for me; I have been wanting to find a smaller wallet (compared to my older one) that can fit my cards, etc. This one opens at both sides so there’s more compartments. And the colors are pretty autumn colors inside as well!

Happily transferring my stuff to my spanking new wallet right now!



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