Handmade Clay Food

You’ll be getting a lot of entries from me today! (This what happens when I go missing for a long time and come back with stuff to share)

I’ve totally forgotten to update that I went for TinyPinc‘s beginner polymer clay class organized by The Handmade Movement on the 14th of May. Discovered that Hooiyin (the instructor) is a fellow TOA student so we had a nice, long conversation before the class started. :D I’m so happy that despite having a different instructor, the classes at the Handmade Movement are still just as enjoyable and educating. Hooiyin was extremely informative about clay-making, and while I have never really worked on clay in my life (as a child, I was rarely allowed to play with clay, or Play-Doh because my dad insists they’re toxic and I should not be playing with them) I found the process enjoyable and interesting. As they say, when you enjoy the class, you enjoy the topic taught. ;)

I did bring my camera this time around, but did not take as many photos as I have hoped. We needed to keep our hands clean and free of dust, so I did not want to go back and forth with my camera. >_< Here are the 2 photos that I did take:

This is the chocolate chip cookie ring I was making. :D
As you can see, I’ve not put the chips on yet, hehe.

The finished product, all ready for baking!
We (the students, of course) each made a chocolate chip cookie ring and a pair of biscuit earrings.
The ones at the far right, most bottom, are mine. ♥

We also made candy cane pendants, but did not manage to take a photo of it because we were rushing to leave so that the next craft class can come in. :( We could not even finish baking our finished works, Hooiyin had to bring them back, bake them and later post them to us. I can’t wait for them, my first handmade clay ever! :D ♥ I will totally try my best to join the next class. (Hopefully it doesn’t clash with my Krabi trip ;_; )



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