Chocolate Banana Muffins

So, instead of studying or resting (which are really the 2 important things I should be doing!) I felt the sudden urge to bake. I ran out of chocolate chips, but I still have some good quality cocoa powder and a (seemingly) endless supply of bananas. I looked at the two, and decided to throw both of them together!

I have not baked anything in ages, but I wasn’t bothered if they were good or not. I just really felt like baking. Let me confess that while I am an okay cook/baker, I can’t for the life of me make the food I make look pretty. So if they look ugly to you, I’m sorry. T_T At least taste-wise, they’re alright. Well, most of the time anyway. XD

I made a total of 14 muffins. They are short because of the cup molds I used, and also because I did not want to make one muffin too huge. It’d be too filling, especially for my parents. This is the first time I managed to bake them without having the bottom of the muffins burnt. ;w; Thank you, Clay class! I learned a thing or 2 about baking heat from the clay class I took about a week back so I decided to apply it to my actual baking. :P They turned out well, hehe! Yay for improvising from different sources. ♥

I finished baking them just in time; my dad came home right after the last batch was done. He ate one and loved it so much, he downed 2 of them in less than 5 minutes. o_o I overheard him calling my mom later (I was already on my way upstairs at that time) and telling her how happy he was that I baked them for him. I was really happy he enjoyed them. :D I saved 4 of them; 2 for Salokya and Wei-Han, and another 2 for the beloved. ♥

The pastry box, complete with 2 chocolate banana muffins. ♥
(I did not bake them with the colorful paper by the way, I just needed them for hygienic purposes)

This is the first time I’ve baked chocolate muffins. :D
All these while, I’ve only baked those with chocolate chips, not chocolate-flavored themselves.

I hope they enjoy it.

ETA (Edit to Add) on 24th of May: Everyone enjoyed the muffins! ♥ Both Salokya and Wei-Han, even Ms. Nancy! (she’s my World Issues lecturer, Wei-Han generously shared some of his with her ♥ ) Even the Beloved, who does not like bananas, enjoyed the muffins. :D I’m so happy. I truly enjoy baking for others. If I feel like it (because baking is all about the mood!), I will bake some for the Adagio gang this Friday. ♥



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