Shirts with Owls, Ohh My!

You see that? Do you see that?

….I loike. I loike muchly. ;D ♥♥

Salokya bought this extremely adorable owl t-shirt for me today! I was so happy! I love the shirt so much, the owl is simply the cutest thing ever! I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted (there was another one in white) but I decided on this one. Thank you so, so much again, Salokya-dear. ♥ I already have it washed, I’m hoping it’ll dry by tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I’m currently planning 2 personal projects that are related to school. The first one would be my Teacher’s Day project, which is to make little plush toys for my teachers by the 16th of May. The other would be my Endangered Coral Reefs Awareness project, in which I will create a set of cardboard badges (I got inspired from the Little Pipit cardboard badges) to be given to the winning team for the game that I would conduct during my presentation. :D I hope these 2 projects work out well. I managed to gather some old cardboard boxes (it was a pain running around everywhere asking for them because the people were really rude. :/) that I would use for my badges. :D I have to really spend time organizing my game as well. >_< I hope I wouldn't take up too much time.



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