So remember Kipper? (Of course you do, I just posted an entry on him yesterday!)
I had extra socks from the class yesterday, so to make sure I don’t forget how to make it, I decided to make another one today! I couldn’t think of an animal that was brown (which is the sock color I had) and that I really liked. Until it hit me!

The making. Can you guess what animal he is?

Even if you can’t figure it out, I’m pretty sure his name is a big, big giveaway.
(Here, have a pic of his bum bum. Hehehehe)

Yeah-huh! Mr.Hooter is of course, an owl! I made use of the felt pieces that Millie gave me to make this little guy. :D

Hoot hoot! This little guy is extremely round, even more than Kipper.
I have this huge love for owls, ever since ‘Guardians of Ga’Hoole‘ by Kathryn Lasky entered my life. So I was really excited to make Mr.Hooter. ;w; I’m going to put him next to my owl wooden carving that I purchased from Malacca.



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