Handmade Sock Doll

Today I attended Millie‘s Handmade Sock Doll class organized by The Handmade Movement.

It was an amazing experience! I am so, so happy that I decided to take the class.
Millie was really sweet, and lovely to learn from. The sock dolls that she brought along as samples/references were terribly cute! The class had about 10 or 11 of us, and everyone was really fun to be with. :D So nice to meet new people. ♥ The class went smoothly, if I do say so myself; I’ve learned so much from this supposedly short length of time (our class was about 3 hours long).

We were given a choice of socks color, and what type of animal we would like to make (dog, cat, bear, panda, mouse, etc.) I naturally chose to make a doggie. ♥ Although I was slow and took some time in understand things (I had to keep asking her to repeat things ;_; ), Millie was patient and comfortable to learn from. On another note, I’m happy to finally be able to talk to Beii properly, and to thank her for purchasing one of my artworks during CF2010. ;w; It was overall, a really great experience, and it has definitely strengthened my interest in handmade items. ♥

I kept kicking myself over the fact that I did not bring my camera. :'( Ohh, me! I really wish I did, then I could at least take some photos of my doggie making process and photos of everyone. Hopefully, there’ll be some photos up soon. :D

I came home and finished my doggie after dinner. I screwed up his hands (they’re not centered), but I think for my first try, I’m pretty proud of the overall result. ♥ Definitely need more practice, but here’s my finished doggie, named Kipper, because the Beloved said he looks like Kipper the Dog, the animated TV series.

Sock Doll - Doggie
Meet Kipper! ♥

Sock Doll - Doggie
Sideways so you can see his little tail.

Sock Doll - Doggie
He’s so fat and round, I love it! ♥

Thank you Millie, Beii, and everyone else for the lovely time!
Hope to see you all sometime again.



2 Comments on “Handmade Sock Doll”

  1. Beii says:

    Aww! thanks for such a sweet post on the class! Love Kipper and his brown paws too! :D

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