Announcement: New Blog Address!

Hello, everyone!
Once again, it has been a long time.

I’m here to announce that I will no longer be updating Little Girl Scribbles (very lack of updates anyway, but yeah!), as I have decided to change my brand name to Palettescope.

Please change your email subscriptions if you have subscribed to this blog, as well as your bookmarks.
Also please direct all questions and inquiries to the new blog as well. :D

It has been a pleasure working with this blog, but I’m all up for new beginnings!

Please do visit my new blog: Palettescope

Thank you very much for your support!




Wow, hello everyone! How long has it been since my last update?

August 2012! *stares in horror*
I really need to make a habit of updating LGS more often >_<

I'm so sorry to everyone who commented on my entries and did not receive a reply.
I'll try to be more responsive from now on ;_; (that's what I always say each time, but really, I will!)

Just a little update:

Uni life is hectic as always, though this semester is exceptionally crazy! I'm taking 4 subjects that are all very dense at the same time (I half regret and don't regret this. At least when I'm done with this semester, I wouldn't have to worry about these subjects anymore!).

I visited Tokyo, Japan on December 27th 2012 to January 6th 2013.
It was an amazing experience; I'm already dying to get back to Japan again! The UFO catchers are extremely addictive, haha. I bought (and won) tons of things, mostly plushies and cute things as usual.

I was supposed to take a break from conventions and events this year, but I find myself (and my team) going for them anyway! XD I will be updating on some artworks and craft works I've done recently (and not-so-recently ;_; ) soon.

So for now, I hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy! ^_^)9


Like a Sir! Rings

Coloured Moustache Rings

They’re currently my favourite thing to make *_*
I managed to sell almost all of them (I made 6, there’s a light blue one that I didn’t photograph).
The only ones remaining are the purple and blue ones. I kept the purple one for myself, hehe ;D


My Love for Owls

In case I haven’t mentioned it (which is absolutely impossible because I slap it around everywhere), I have a huge love for owls.

So here are some owl merchandise that I made for sale in previous art events.
All of them are traditionally drawn with waterproof ink so there isn’t 2 that are identically the same. :D
Was really happy that all of them are sold, except one of the mini canvas decor, which I will keep for myself ♥

The 2 mini canvas decorations :D
I’m keeping the one on the right for myself, hehe ^_^

Owl cork magnets ♥
(Though I think the bottom left one is a chicken? I don’t know! I just drew what I felt like XD)

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Avengers Assemble!

Made a bunch of plushie brooch pins, featuring members of the Avengers (movie version).
Wanted to make these for Animangaki 2012, but couldn’t make it on time so I didn’t make extras. >_<
Hopefully I will have time to make these for Comic Fiesta 2012 instead ;w;

Some photos of them individually:
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Plush Fondue – Captain America and Iron Man

The Captain America & Iron Man plushie that I made during my uni break :D

They were actually experiments of mine.
I made many mistakes and it’s actually very messy, but I’m still proud of them nonetheless ;w;

Here are more photos of them, including the WIPs.
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I Love Dolls

As I have mentioned quite a few times, I am a collector of dolls known as Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, or simply ‘BJD’ as it is known as.

I have been in this hobby for approximately 8 years now. It is my longest hobby that I am still very passionate about. The beauty of these dolls is that they are completely customizable, making them ideal for people like me who enjoy creating/designing characters. I find that having BJDs is allowing me to ‘bring my characters to 3D form’, so to speak.

The Family
Here are my babies :D
All boys (they are anatomically correct, mind you :x) except the little blonde girl on the far right. :)
And yes, they look very much influenced by anime/manga culture because they are commonly manufactured in Japan and Korea (though there are some in China, Thailand and other places in the world as well).

Besides BJDs, I also collect Groove dolls. I’m not as big a collector as I am with BJDs, but I find them absolutely adorable too. ♥

Here is my current little family :D

I really love all my dolls ♥ So please refrain from saying anything negative about them.
I truly apologize if you find them ‘creepy’ but since this is my art/craft blog, I figured I’d like to introduce them here, seeing that my dolls have been a big, big inspiration for me.

Many people (actually, myself included!) who saw these dolls for the first time are usually freaked out from their realistic aesthetics. They relate these dolls to those in horror films; one of the most common question I get from others is: “How do you sleep at night with them staring at you?”

To which I reply, while they have life-like human features, to me they’re just dolls. They are no different to a teddy bear or any sort of plushie to me.

I’m sorry if I sound rigid, but I do enjoy sharing things I love and somehow BJDs are always the ones getting negative responses. ;_;
If they’ve sparked your interest and you’d like to see more photos, feel free to visit my Flickr. :D